Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Electric Smoothie

I rarely share my smoothie recipes because I usually just throw everything in the blender without measuring but this one was such a cool color and yummy flavor I had to share it!  My kids especially thought the bright neon color of this smoothie was "awesome".
There are endless ways to make smoothies palatable for kids (and fussy adults!) so just start experimenting.  Bananas and dates are a great way to add sweetness to counteract the bitterness of kale.    Or simply try upping the fruit-to-veggie ratio if it's too "green" for you. This Electric Smoothie is perfectly refreshing and sweet enough for my tastebuds.

Electric Smoothie
makes ~ 2 cups

1 handful of kale (or use spinach)
1 handful of green grapes
1 whole lime, peeled
1 C. frozen mango
3/4 C. pineapple
~3/4 C. coconut water

1.  Blend everything together in a high-speed blender (I used a Vitamix) until completely smooth.  Add more coconut water for consistency.  Serve chilled.

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