Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Products I Love!

I sooo appreciate it when I'm sent new items to try, taste, read and review!  My Veggie Kids are such great lil' testers too which makes it even more fun (and honest!).  I'm all about kid-friendly plant-based products that promote a healthy lifestyle which is why I really liked both of these!

     B      O      O      K      S

This new book titled "Green Smoothie Magic" is from the Queen Of Green Smoothies, Victoria Boutenko.  For those of you who may not know who Victoria is, she single-handedly spearheaded the green smoothie movement.  She has written several books such as "Green For Life", "Green Smoothie Revolution",  "Raw Family", "12 Steps To Raw Foods" and "Raw Family Signature Dishes" of  which I've read over and over and gifted to friends and family who I thought could use it.  If you're not yet familiar with Victoria you really should check her out as she has done so much research (scientific and otherwise!) on why we should all be consuming more dark leafy greens.  The entire Boutenko family is involved promoting raw food health as they experienced the natural healing properties of raw vegan foods themselves.  

Side note: my kids and I love this video from her son, Sergei.  Be careful because it will get stuck in your head!

"Green Smoothie Magic" is a book about a curious young boy who discovers the magic of green smoothies for himself.  She's even included a kid-friendly green smoothie recipe in the back of the book!  Love that.

You can also grab a copy of my book,

S     N      A      C      K      S

This new product from Musco Family Olive Co. is seriously the greatest thing since sliced bread!  I don't know why no one else thought of this before because I would've been all over these during the school year while packing my kids' lunch boxes.  I love that they're portable, healthy (and vegan!), easy to open and have no messy liquid! 

These really are my new favorite thing.

Perfect for traveling, lunches or healthy snacking without having to open an entire jar of olives these little snacks are ideal!  Check them out on Facebook and look for them in stores this July!

for only $2.99!

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