Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Shopping: My Top 10 List!

I know you didn't get all of your Christmas shopping done on Black Friday so here are some fabulous vegan, eco-friendly, health-inducing ideas to add to your shopping list.  Oprah has her "Favorite Things" and I have my "Top 10" (okay, ridiculous comparison but you get the drift).  These are for kids and/or adults.

1.  "The Boy Who Loved Broccoli" by me!  Okay, so I wrote this book but I really do believe in it's ability to pursued kids to eat broccoli...or any vegetable for that matter.  I actually wrote the book because I couldn't find one that got the message across where kids get more powerful from eating veggies. It's been said to work like magic!  Purchase your copy here.

2. Vegan Alfredo Sauce by Victoria Vegan.  This stuff is ridiculous.  It contains only 70 calories per 1/4 cup serving and comes in 4 varieties.  There is no need not to be vegan when you have access to food like this! You can purchase it at the

3.  Matts Munchies by  My friend gave these to me to try and I was hooked!  Not only are they healthy and made in the USA, but they're only 100 calories per pack and come in 9 flavors.  Kids and adults alike will love these treats which make the perfect stocking stuffer!

4.  What Do Vegans Eat? t-shirt by VK.  This is one of my favorite shirts because I'm constantly getting asked what the heck I eat since I'm vegan.  Now they can just read my shirt while I sip my green smoothie!  It comes in various colors and there are other items from VK too-shop here!

5.  Grow Your Own Kits by Gift Republic found on  This company has tons of super fun and unique "Grow Your Own" boxes to choose from including a Butterfly Garden, Cactus and even Christmas tree!

6.  Rocket Recycled Playhouse by  At only $65, kids can build and decorate their very own rocket ship made from recycled paper.  My kids would LOVE this!

7.  Seed Ball Kit by  How cute is this!?  Perfect for a child, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving as it's beneficial to the bees, butterflies and outdoor critters while the human-folks enjoy it's beauty.   My favorite thing about this product is that the company is based in the USA and is packaged by adults with disabilities.

8.  Natural Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks available at  I love creative toys like this that kids can use over and over again. They're non-toxic and come in different fun colors.  You can find more cool toys like this one at their website.  

9.  Flaxseed BooBoo Owie Bag by Enchanted Dandelions.  These are the cutest things ever!  Filled with flax seeds...yes-flax seeds, these hand crafted bags can go in the freezer or the microwave, depending on what kind of owie you're dealing with.  What kid wouldn't feel better with this?  I love it!  

10.  Buy A Solar Oven For A Family In Haiti.  By spending only $15, you can help a family in need in Haiti, which is still desperately trying to recover from the earthquake in '10.  "Families are learning to cook Haitian meals like soup, beans, potatoes, yucca, plantains and rice with energy-efficient stoves and solar ovens — little or no wood or charcoal is needed."  Their site has some other selfless choices too which help those in need.  

Obviously there are a ton more amazing, healthy products to add to this list but I couldn't fit them all in.

 Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah this  Holiday Season!
Coming up in December I'll have a special holiday cookie recipe I've been working on and next year I'll be launching a brand new cookbook to make your dinnertime a breeze!

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  1. Ok Christmas Is long past but I love all of these! And the Alfredo sauce! How have I not heard of this???

    1. Yes, the Alfredo sauce is wayyyy too good. Have you tried Nacheez too? It's a vegan nacho cheese sauce that's also ridiculous!